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navi-Gator.onLine :

First GPS Navigator on your smartphone browser

privacy policy

the application «Онлайн Навигатор АЗС» and the website doesn't store and doesn't send user data.

Only saving the login/password and geographic coordonates added to the «favorites» by the user.

For working properly,the application requires location permission.

For the proper functioning of the voice search permission is required to use the microphone, data is transmitted by an API standard of google server for recognizing the text and not to be stored.

While, the application requires permission to access the list of installed programs, it is necessary to test the voice synthesizer functionality

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The map

Maps - there are maps from all around the world.

You can see your position or any other point on the map,

Input the address to make a route, as well as, to share with your friends on social networks, thanks to SMS, e-mail, WhatsApp, or links.

If your device is equipped with a compass, you can activate it and then turn the map in the same direction your device points.

Add your address in your favorites and then it will be always within reach.

In your navigator, maps and data are used.OpenStreet Map.